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live well with a long term condition
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Health conditions

As a Health Psychologist I have the most relevant expertise and experience to help and support you, whether you are experiencing physical symptoms that have no medical explanation, have been diagnosed with a long term health condition, are struggling every day with chronic pain, or you are constantly worried about your health and wellbeing.

Individual Therapy

I have specialist skills and knowledge relevant to psychological problems that are associated with medical or physical health conditions. Whatever your unique situation or current problem, I will listen without judgement. I consider you to be the expert in your situation and will listen and work collaboratively with you to resolve your problem. 

I use evidence-based therapies including Person-Centred Therapy, and third-wave Cognitive Behaviour Therapies; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion-Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness. I take a pleuralistic approach, integrating aspects of a diverse range of therapeutic modalities to plan and implement a clinical treatment tailored to your individual needs. 

Take the first step toward regaining control and improving your quality of life by booking your free 15 minute phone call today.

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